Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's That Time Of Year....

I said I would not buy much candy this Halloween. I guess saying what one is going to do is different from what one actually does. We now have a bowl filled with little candy bars. My big concern is that now that I am working at Target they clearance all their candy after Halloween. I will be strong and try not to buy any!

Nothing to exciting going on around here. The news is just pretty much all about the fires down south. I can hear some aircraft coming and going from Mather Field. I drive by the OES office everyday. There are so many TV vans and cars there right now.

I suppose I should get a few more things cleaned up around here. Have just gotten so behind around here. I am hoping to have all that everyday stuff caught by next week and I can back into making/working on things everyday. But, I am keeping up with my posting everyday so far. It may not be earth moving writing, but, it is making me get back into keeping up with the blogging.

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