Monday, November 05, 2007

I Am Back!!!!!!!!!!

My little health issue had come back. I seem to have it under control better right now and get to see the doctor on Thursday. And may I say we really need to talk. Work got really busy, had a 7 day work week once. Then there was the health thing thrown in there, so the poor old blog was left alone. This week that all changes. I will have a schedule once again in my life. The first thing I have done is started looking into making a granny squares. Above is the color combo I have come up with for the living room. I figure I can work on something this at work because I can just do one color of different blocks. That way I only have to take one ball of yarn and few blocks. Will let you know how this works out.

I ended up working Halloween night. It was fine. Didn't have to worry about buying candy afterwards, because we sold out of all the Halloween candy by 6 PM. The only Halloween sale thing I bought yesterday at work was a nice pumpkin cookie cutter. Ended up costing me 75 cents. Is one of those with nice cushion top so you don't push on the metal.

I am sure I will have some interesting posts coming up. Christmas is coming and I am sure shoppers will surprise me in the way they shop. Running the fitting room, has shown to be very interesting so far. So, I am back for sure this time. See you tomorrow.....

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Lindsey said...

I was wondering where you were. Glad to hear your good again. I bet things are getting crazy at work...and only plan to get crazier!! Love the granny square and colors. I did exactly what you were talking about with one color at work, and it went very smoothly.