Monday, November 12, 2007

The Start Of A New Week...

I did finish up the baby blanket last week and just have one bib to finish. Then it is off in the mail to the little girl it is for. Bought her a book too, just have to remember where I put it.

Ended up getting a new computer monitor. It is a Samsung 21.6 inch one. That's right, the pictures gigantic. The monitor is also a wide-screen one and that is taking some getting use to. I am also going to have to read up on how to adjust the colors, the are a little off. Everything looks so different on this monitor. But, it sure is nice for watching DVD's (the computer is in the kitchen and this is where most of my DVD watching goes on). Also, being such a large screen you can watch current TV shows that the networks have on-line and get a nice size picture to watch. Now I can get all caught up on Pushing Daisies. It is such an interesting show.
I did pick up some new magazines last week. Here are a few of them. I am looking forward to being able to read through them soon...

Guess that is all for now. Mr. V isn't working from home this week so I should be able to post everyday. When he is here he sometimes takes over this computer while also using his work laptop. Tonight we are doing Ricky's birthday a day early. I am working tomorrow evening, so, figured why not do it now. Ricky is all for that. I ended up having to run around to get the items for dinner tonight, but, it was nice being able to get something he wanted.

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