Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy BIrthday Ricky!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the little boys birthday. So he isn't very little any more, but, he will always be way younger than I and that makes him my little guy.

Ricky really liked the gift bag. It plays the song Happy Birthday and the candles flash on & off to the music. We had baby back ribs for dinner, as his request. And birthday cake of course. I even had found Lactose Free ice cream for my two guys. They liked it very much.

I have finally started weaving in the tails of the dishcloths I had been working on during the year.

I have five down and think I only have about 35 more to go!

Now back to birthday stuff. Just a note to all, if you are buying a cake the day after the weekend your choices are limited. That is why Ricky ended up with a fall cake.

He didn't care it was still a chocolate cake.

I suppose it is now time to get something done around this house. I have work tonight. Once again Happy Birthday Ricky.....Who is now 14 years old....


Biscuitbear said...

Many happy returns to the birthday boy. The cake looks yummy!

lindsey said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!