Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, Monday......

Mr. V is working from his office again, so I have complete control of the computer! Was nice having him around, but, I do find that I do not get my time on the computer to do things like this when he is working from home. I think one day we will have to figure out how to add onto this little house and make an office. Cause it is nice having him home for lunch and just to visit with in between things.

The kids and I started back on school work today. Will take it slow. Also have to wait to use this computer since I have Rebecca doing a typing program. Find it good practice for her to use a regular keyboard verses the one on her laptop. Of course I could invest in a keyboard for her to use with the laptop. Will have to think about that one.

I have started making dishcloths for myself this time around. Did all those for Christmas and never made any for me. Well, with the exception of a few that didn't turn out as nice as I had wanted. Kept the rejects for us to use. I bought a cone of cotton yarn (pictured above) and will make all of ours out it.

I bought a sewing book for Rebecca to use. It is called S.E.W. (Sew Everything Workshop) by Diana Rupp. Came with projects and patterns. Had lots of photos like she likes so she can see exactly what it is suppose to look like. She will start on it this week. I think it will work better than me just having her do stuff. Rebecca seems to like to have a plan and photos to work from.

Well, this will be it for today. I so many good books to look through since Christmas and my birthday have both passed. I think I am getting easy to buy for. Get me some pretty books on how to make something and I am a happy camper.....

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