Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fog Finally Lifted Tuesday....

Is that time of year again when most mornings are very foggy. I was surprised it lifted before lunch time today.

No big news from around these parts. I started back on the above granny squares and am hoping to have a blanket before summer. This is my first attempt at the granny square thing so think it is taking me a little longer than most. Once I make the first 10 or 15 I hope I will get faster. I have been reading the Granny Along blog and may I say they are all way faster at this than I.

Ricky and I only had one science experiment today. Nothing mind blowing, just figuring out the volume of a rock. I am just happy that we seem to be getting school work done again. We had gotten so off track these past couple of months. Tomorrow it is his orthodontist day. Which one stop on the way home at the video game store.

Tonight I am off to work again and then two days off. Which will work out just right because I have to get Ricky ready for Winter Camp on Friday. He will be gone for 4 days. I will miss, but, I do hope he has a really good time too. So until tomorrow, so long.......................

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