Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Windy, Sunny, Wednesday....

While doing my waiting at the orthodontist today for the boy; I started reading the book Craft Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco. First, may I say, this is a nice size book. Very easy to take with you any where. And the look of it is great, so pleasing to look at. I made it up to page 24 while the boy was getting all wired up. And so far it is very helpful, even if you aren't looking into selling your craft. Just good old creative information. The main reason I got this is that I would like to see Rebecca turn some of her pictures into prints, note cards, etc. There are many interview type parts with folks that have turned their craft into a business. I really like this book so far and look forward to finishing it.

I have wonderful book that I got for my birthday that I will share tomorrow. I have enjoyed it very much so far.

Tomorrow will be pack the boy for camp day. Today we stopped and got the missing parts for camp. We got a head lamp (flashlight you wear on your head). Last year the snow cat broke down and they had to walk up the mountain path in the dark. Told him we will put this in his coat pocket just in case the same thing happens.

Guess it is time to get back to making dinner. Rebecca just brought in the mail and there was a card from Kandy's regular vet. A very nice sorry for you about the death of your pet card. All the veterinarian that every had anything to do with her has sent us a card, that was awful nice of them. Then really nice thing is that the staff signs them too....

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