Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rain All Day Tuesday...

Instead of cleaning I thought I would try this cake mold I got at the Dollar Spot at Target. It is one of those fixable molds. I was very happy with how it worked and it was cheap too. Makes it nice to have a few odd shaped molds for cakes and at $2.50 each I look forward to buying others when they come out.
My little, big, boy came home last night. He had a wonderful time at the snow. Said all the other things they got to do were great too. The adult in charge of them was very nice and really seem to enjoy spending time with the boys. I admire anyone that is willing to be in charge of 6 junior high boys for almost 4 days. They came home late because the it started to really snow up in the mountains and the charter buses had to put chains on before getting on the freeway. I can't imagine putting tire chains on all those tires!
Looks like that is all the news from around here. I was very sad to hear that Heath Ledger has passed away today. He was an actor that I enjoyed very much. One of my favorites movies is A Knights Tale and he is just wonderful in it.
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Biscuitbear said...

Lovely mold, that was a bargain! It reminds me of the cover of Jane Brocket's book.