Wednesday, February 06, 2008

WOW, The Sun Is Out Wednesday....

Since, I have not been creating much of anything these past couple of weeks I thought I would share the above. It is a towel made by my sister-in-law Sherri. It is machine emboreried. I really like the little purple love bug. I thought he came out very cute. Thank you Sherri.
I really want to sit down and start sewing again. I still have not cleaned up my little area. But, of course I have a couple of people dealing with that awful cold/flu thing that is going around. Poor Mr. V and Rebecca. They just feel awful right now. But, I have been working on my granny squares again. I decided to start over, because they were looking alittle goofy in the shape. So, I say, hey, bet I should be using a bigger hook. Yep, they look much better now. Glad I hadn't gotten too far yet.
Short post for today. The sun is and it is a beautiful day. Ricky helped me get the front all raked up. So many dead leaves, grass, and branches in that lawn. Maybe tomorrow we can do the back. The tulips that I planted are starting to come up and those way early blooming daffodils are just starting to bloom. During one of the storms we lost our split rail fence in the front and now I have to find out who still sells that kind of fencing in this area. Otherwise will have to come up with some kind of new fence. Until tomorrow, see ya.... (I wonder why my spell check has now stopped working on Blogger. Will have to figure that one out some time.)

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