Friday, October 27, 2006

Another Friday....

Fall is starting to get more under way up here in Northern California. Trees are starting to change color. And the front tree is dropping leaves and berries like crazy. Had to do some cleaning up in the front because of all the berries dropping. They are like little hard beads and you roll on them pretty good. R.E. likes to slide on the because you can really move pretty good. Since it was so sunny out, took a few pictures of some of the flowers that are still blooming out front.

This afternoon made myself sit down and finish R.E.'s robe. He is very pleased with it (maybe because he has one that fits again, unlike the one he has been wearing that tied around his chest because it was so small).

Below is some flannel for a new pair of p.j. bottoms for him. Will cut them out tomorrow and try to finish them this weekend or Monday. R.A. wants to use the sewing machine to figure out some clothing for her Pullip doll.

R.A. has started to work on a blog of her own today. Will post the link when she is further along. I am sure will have plenty of pictures to post, both drawing and photos. She really likes to take pictures with her camera.

Tonight I will work on some more parts for Christmas package decoration and some knitting. Need to rethink the robin I was making. First one came out a little too lumpy. If one turns out half way decent looking then I will post a picture. I am also hopping to start sewing something more fun like the plushies I keep seeing in all the blogs. It is so much fun to read and see all the creative things people are doing. I wil admit two of my favorites are My Paper Crane and One Red Robin.

Above is a picture of one of the last shrub roses around the house. Found the HGTV web-site to have a pretty good write up about shrub roses, so that is my web-site of the day. Don't know much about HGTV other than what I have heard (we don't have cable or a dish, just a good old antenna on the roof)., but, web-site is pretty helpful.

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Jhoanna said...

Thank you for the link :-) The new robe looks good - kinda Jedi-ish :-)