Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Windy, Windy, Wednesday

Above is a picture of one of the squirrels that come to visit in our backyard. We have two that like to come over for the peanuts. They are California Gray Squirrels. They have a lot of personality and will let you know when there is something they don't like.

Took the picture of the squirrel because he was having fun watching us get everything undercontrol with the wind gusting to 50 mph. I had not put water in the pool yet and it was trying its hardest to fly away. So, the kids and I held it down while the water went in. All is well with it now. Took down the umbrella used for shade, since they too were trying to escape the backyard. Also had to trim some branches off of trees that were trying to take the fence down.

We had bought this book, Stupid Sock Creatures, a few months ago. Finally have some socks to try and make some of these creatures. R.E. loves this book. He really likes the comic story in the back of the book. And it is nice to have a crafty type book written by a guy. The pictures in this book are a blast.

Above and following are pictures of some of the craft books I bought when we lived in Japan many years ago. I find it interesting that one with the red background and doll in white dress is still out there today. I can't remember where I saw it being offered for sale.

The red book, with the dog and cat on the cover, are made from knitted gloves and sweaters. The one with the cats is all done with felt. All have easy to follow instructions, even if you don't speak the language.
These two are more of sewing. The first is a varity of items, while the next is mostly bags and household items.

Tonight will be spent working on knitting and maybe the start of making some things to put on Christmas presents to make they look some what interesting. I bought some yarn at Wal-Mart today, since I was there to pick up cleaning supplies, to make these with. I hope what I have planned will work.

I wil close with a web-site link to check out about the California Gray Squirrel.

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Jhoanna said...

What a wonderful bunch of craft books! So jealous . . . :-) Looking forward to seeing some of the creations you make from them. And you lived in Japan? How lucky!