Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday Evening, All is Quiet

Last night finished up the dishcloth of Michigan and decide it will stay here. I am making another one out of solid color yarn. The multi-colored yarn makes it just to hard to see the knitted in design.

Today was eye appointment for R.A. She has above normal vision for distance. I will keep her with me at all times. She needs no glasses now, not even for close up work. Found out the color of her eyes are actually honey (I got to see them with scope that the eye doc. uses). But, she will have to list them as hazel.
Used with permission. 10/2006

Since I am talking about R.A., and I haven't done anything all that creative today, I think I will let you know what she has been working on for the last few days. She uses a Wacom board for her drawing and has been asked many questions about drawing on it on her site. So, being the good kid she is, she has been making a couple of turtorial on using the Wacom board and Photoshop. She is working on the second one right now. Go give it a look at Larein on deviantART. She is way smarter in this area than I will ever be.

Here is an interesting web-site about nothing but fables and fairy tales. Always fun to read.

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