Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday is here...

Had big plans today, but, other things came up. Which is fine, because this is just how life is. One never knows what is around the corner. So I thought I would start off with a picture of some of the gardenia's that are left. I always like the way they look and smell.

This is the rabbit that lives under the gardenia bush. He seems to be very happy living there.

R.E. started harder Algebra today, so, that takes up much more time. Lots of sitting, watching, and helping him out. He did pretty good for his first time.

Did a little work on R.E.'s robe over the weekend. It just needs hems put in and topstitching done. Was hoping to finish it up today, but, schoolwork took us much longer than we thought.

Almost finished another dishcloth for my mom's Christmas present. This one isn't as clear to see the design in. It is suppose to be the state of Michigan. Also have another bib just needing straps put on. Maybe I will get both finished up tonight.

Have found some lovely new blogs over the weekend and they are now posted. Also have started adding some new links of interesting web-sites.

Had a nice Sunday afternoon planned for Mr. V and I. But, Mr. V went down on Sunday, so our little venture out for the afternoon together will have to happen another day. Too bad, we were both looking forward to it. He is still having an icky day, but, is surving work. I am so thankful I have taken up knitting and crocheting since he started having problems. Makes it nice to just sit with him and knit (he usually falls asleep from the meds). So, for fun last night we had Papa Murphy's Pizza and watched The Cat Returns. It is one of R.A.'s favorites movie. Made for a very nice evening. On an up note Mr. V 's hearing is back to normal this evening and we don't have to be so quiet.

While making dinner Mr. Humming Bird showed up for a snack.

Him and the Mrs. usually stay all winter with us, unless the temps get too cold.

Then they head off and come back as soon as it gets warm enough. They usually go have the kids some where else and then come back here after they are done. Hope you enjoyed the photos of him. (He is not the friendliest of critters, will try to kill anything that wants to eat out of that feeder. He will let the Mrs. use it only if he is not there.) So for the web-site of the day I think we will go with one about humming birds.

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