Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday is Here Again. Too Fast of a Week.....

Once again the days are going by way to fast. Guess it is true, the older you get the faster the time goes by.

Today was pay bills day and pick up a few things while out. Did get the part for my serger. They were very nice at the sewing machine shop and even put the part in for me (thank you very much). While there finally got a narrow hem foot for my regular sewing machine. Now I will just have to sit down and practice with it.

Did get some work done on R.E.'s robe. Am hoping to get it finished up this weekend for him.

We did stop at Hancock Fabrics for R.A. She wanted to get some stuff to make outfits for her Pullip doll. We found many very nice tiny buttons for to use. R.A. was very pleased with her items.

Used with permission 10/2006

Well, I seem to have posted stuff only from R.A. So, today I thought I would post something from R.L. She tends to draw more fantasy type pictures and hasn't been posting all that much on her one site lately. You know, school, work, and boyfriend. She has been working on a web-site of just these characters like the one below. Guess there is a story line and such. When she gets it up and going I will post it here.

Used with permission 10/2006

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. It looks as if we will be having almost perfect weather all weekend long. Am sure the rain will start here any day now.

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