Thursday, October 19, 2006

Warm Thursday.......

Used with permission 10/2006

I know yesterday was Watch a Squirrel Day, but I had to post the above strip done by R.A. on her site. I really thought it was funny and cute. (The strip is clearer on her site.)

Not much to post today (again). Started work on R.E's. robe. Was using my good old serger, when bang, a part broke. Called around and found a local sewing machince place that said they had the part in. Will have to make a trip up there since the repair guy is only there Monday thru Friday (in case something else when wrong too). I was so mad, finally had time to work on it and the machine went out. Oh well, it is 16 years old and I suppose something was going to break at some point. When it broke, it kind of ate part of the robe. At least it was on inside and I can fix/hide it with the regular sewing machine.

R.L. survived going to her first job fair. She told me she did talk to two people. Which is fine with me. I had to convince her to go just for the practice of talking to people. She said the two that she talked with wanted to talk to her. She wants to get her schooling finished up and then get her drivers licensence before she gets full time work. Will see how her plan works out for her.

Now for a web-site of the day. I think I will go with something educational and fun today. Give a look at Sceince News for Kids. A very easy to use site and lots of information.

It is time to finish up the dishes and do some TV watching while knitting. I really need to get back to my cross stitching, I start a big project (all right big for me) and need to finish it. Maybe this weekend I will start back up on that.

Until tomorrow, bye....................................

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