Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday, Sunny and Nice......

Today has been a quiet day. Not much done around the house today. Most of the day was spent doing errands. Got a wedding gift for our nephew and soon to be bride. Will get that wrapped this week and sent off in the mail.
I recently bought R.E. this series of books at Barnes and Noble. I am usually an only the original book type person. Don't care for updating or remaking of classic characters. But, R.E. really likes graphic novels and he thought these books were great. I think I still like the old Hardy Boys, and R.E. likes those books too. But, he seems to enjoy the way the stories are laid out in this series. I think we will be buying more.

Now for a favorite web-site of the day. Today is suppose to be Watch a Squirrel Day. That means Photographing Squirrels is the site to check out. We are greatly amused at the pictures on this site. Since the blog is on the short side today I think I will post a blog for you to check out too. If you have little kids or know of some that like play food check out rostitchery.
I thought the cake was very very cute and loved the story of fish stew.

Hope everyone had a safe day.

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