Monday, October 16, 2006

Sleepy Monday.....

Earlier today Blogger wasn't letting me load pictures. It did let me do one picture of the chilies below. The reason for the chilies is that they look like they maybe the last of them this year from the backyard. Mr.V. made a fire in the little grill on Saturday and we roasted them. Is always fun listening to them pop as the skins crack open. After roasting they are then put into a large bowl with a plate on top until cool. Then it is pealing the skins off and chopping. This is followed by a trip into the freezer for later use.

The weekend was a nice one. Saturday we were able to get the Intex pool cleaned up and the cover on for now. Need to go get some, I guess we will call it plastic wood , to put under each leg. This should help them from sinking into the ground next year. I will refill it with water to keep the cover on during the rain. I don't feel like I am wasting any water because I just attach a soaker hose and water the lawn or plants in the spring. Takes about 3 days to drain the water this way. The part of the cleaning that took the longest was getting rid of the water that was left in the bottom (about 3 inches below the drain). We wanted to move it so we could clean under it and that is why we got rid of the water. Once all the water was gone it was pretty easy to move with 4 of us.

I was able to finish up another dish cloth for Christmas. Did about 4 inches on the Dr. Who scarf. And that was about it for the weekend as far as creating something went.

Yesterday afternoon was spent at Mr. V's place he likes to go,Guitar Center. It is always so interesting of a place to go. Yes, we did leave with a new guitar that will be use to help teach R.E. how to play. While playing it (in the nice quiet area of the guitar section) Mr. V got to be Demo Guy as they were explaining the difference in the types of guitars to some folks. I do admit I always like listening to Mr. V when he plays classical type guitar stuff (some call it Spanish). It is just such a nice sound.

As far as school goes, above is a picture of an experiment for R.E.'s science. He is studying plants and we had to boil the chlorophyll from a leaf.

All you really are doing is boiling alcohol in a beaker of water. In the test-tube of alcohol is the leaf. As it boils, the alcohol turns a very pretty green. Afterwards you add some iodine to the leaf to see what starch is left. See how fun my day can be sometimes.

Today is art day for school with R.E. (R.A. is drawing pretty much all day long, so no need to set time aside for her). I have use Artpack in the past with the girls and had great success. They are very inexpensive and the kids have always seem to enjoy them. The Artpack folks are also very kind in the number of copies you can make to use in your home. If you want a fun site to visit,when doing art stuff, then go to Tomie DePola. If you have kids or just like kid books you will recognize his works. We just love his 26 Fairmont Avenue series. It is one of those things that it doesn't matter what age you are, you will still enjoy the story.

Have been reading some other folks blogs and notice there is some copyright problems out there. I did some searching and have found many copy free sites for pictures. There are some lovely photos out there to use. I will read more on these sites and may start using some of their imagines. Most seem to be very user friendly for those, like me, that haven't a clue what we are doing most of time. I hope more folks will look into these web-sites to find a picture similar to ones they may like to use as a reference on their own blog. Just always read the fine print.

I think this pretty much raps up my day. R.A. has finished her part of the dishes, so I will now go my part. And then finish up R.E. washing (I so need to show him how to do his own).

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