Friday, October 13, 2006

The End of Another Week

Well, another week is coming to an end. Did mostly cleaning up around here today and doing paperwork for the school. In California we have to file an affidavit and that needed to get done today.

R.E. got to do something creative this afternoon. Learned how to use a wood burning tool and made a rocking horse. It came out pretty good for his first attempt. R.A. made some things out of polymer clay this afternoon also. She still needs to paint them and then I will try to get some pictures of them.

Used with permission 10/2006

And last, above is one of my favorite current pictures by R.A. Naturally she is one of my favorite in house artists. Not bad for being 16 years old.

R.A. and I did finally watch the DVD that came with the Knit-Wit tool. We both think we can handle it. And I do admit, it seems like it might be fun to do. Am thinking it maybe a good way to use up odd little balls of yarn for a scrap type blanket. Might have to give that a try.

Hopefully this weekend we will get done all the stuff that needs to get done outside. Then we can just goof off doing those things we like......You know, reading, watching movies or old TV shows, cooking and making stuff.

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