Friday, October 06, 2006

It Is Friday

Happy Friday to all.......Another week is coming to an end and as always didn't get half of everything I had wish to get done. So, since I didn't have anything interesting to post I thought I would use a picture of Kandy. This is our nice little dog that is 16 years old now. She is just the happiest dog I have ever known.

This weekend I hope to do some knitting on a Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf for the boy. I am making the short version and he has picked out the one with browns in it. The second item I am hoping to take a look at it, is this Knit-Wit tool. It just looked interesting and came with a How-To DVD. What more could I ask for. The third thing is, I have to start that new robe for the boy. He has out grown his (even though he still puts it on) and is real need of a new one. I had bought some olive green fleece last year at Hancocks Fabrics and finally got a pattern to make one. I have the serger out and ready to go. Had got the serger for our first child (who is 20 now). I ended up having to make all her pants because she was so tall and skinny. I use to have to take in leggings at the waist for her. So, gave up on that and just bought a serger so I could make them faster. I have to admit I have enjoyed it so much over the years.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I know Kandy will, because the sun will be out and she loves her sunshine. She is such a sad dog on rainy days.

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