Thursday, October 05, 2006

Just Another Day....

Another day is going by and little is getting done around here. The two school age kids and I went out to lunch at the mall. Which actually was a very nice time. Looked in a couple of stores and then hit the book store. The book store is one of my biggest weaknesses. I do like the magazines and today there was the new knitting book I had been waiting for out today. The book is Knit 2 Together done by Tracey Ullman and Mel Clark. Very nice book of patterns and of course stories since it is a book done by Tracey Ullman.

When we did get home the UPS guy had dropped by with the long awaited order from Yes Asia. Rebecca had wanted and ordered what is called a Pullip doll (pictured here). She had been waiting a long time for this to get here. I think our delay was due to ordering the book of Komaneko. Which is just as cute as the little shorts on You Tube.

Maybe tonight some knitting will get done or maybe some cross stitching. Will have to see how the evening is goes.

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