Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today is Tuesday.....

Today was a day of just doing errands it seems like. Did the orthodontist this morning with the boy. He ended up with power chains and rubber bands. Decided to take him out to lunch since I was sure he would be hurting by dinner time. He wanted to go to Teriyaki To Go. We had a nice time chatting and eating Japanese food. This was followed by the rest of the errands to run.

One of the errands was to pick up the new Scrubs DVD for hubby.

Speaking of DVD's, since it is coming up on Halloween, I thought I might suggest a fun movie to watch. It really isn't a seasonal movie, but, the Halloween part is great. It is the movie Meet Me In St. Louis.

We did stop at the bookstore, but, wasn't anything really new or that I really really needed. The boy got a couple of blank page journals. And we did find the next book his sister wanted. It was Bleach Volume 15.

Yes, this is a Manga book, so you read it from back to front.

There is no crafty type news again today. Did get some knitting done on the scarf for the boy. And think that will be about it tonight. Maybe tomorrow there will be something creative done around here. Of course the girls are always drawing or working on the computer artwork stuff. Guess there really isn't a day that goes by without someone doing something creative.

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