Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Today was corn maze day......

Today we went to a corn maze. Last year I goofed and we went to one mostly for very young kids. So this year I took them to a 35 acre one. Above is an aerial shot of last years maze. To the right of the corn maze are some tomato fields after harvest. Saw the truck loads of paste tomatoes leaving the farms today.

It took us a little over an hour and half trek through the corn. Twisting and turning and twisting and turning ................

The three of us finally made it to the bridge which is about half way through. After a few minutes of looking over all the corn we had left to explore; we headed out for the fort. Naturally we made a few wrong turns, so took us awhile to find it.

Naturally going through 35 arces of corn wasn't enough for the boy, where there is hay there is climbing. Yes, he is striking a pose for fun.

Since this was also a pumpkin patch we looked at the pumpkins. I liked this star shaped squash they had. Looked really nice growing out in the fields too.

As you can see in this picture of just one corner of their pumpkin field they had plenty of pumpkins. We decided to wait to get a pumpkin until another day. Wasn't a lot of shade there, so we decided to go find a place to eat lunch since it was getting late.

Last night I was able to get a dishcloth finished (the letter "W") and will have to start the next one which will be of a cat. Also got a couple of inches done on the scarf for the boy while watching TV.

Time to go put the leftover chili in the frig. Thank goodness for crockpots on days like this. Out running around and dinner was all done when we got home.

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