Monday, November 20, 2006

Dark and Gloomy Monday

Hope all had a nice weekend.

The boy had a fun time Friday night. Got to do a sleepover here. It was just 7th and 8th grade (brave brave souls) from 7pm until 8am Saturday morning in a large building and lots of outside running around space.

The boy, like the rest, stayed awake all night and this is what happen later that morning after getting home. I thank all those that ran those boys in numerous games, made burgers during the night, and fed them breakfast.

Well, I think Mr. V is right. This bug seems to be hanging around and is very slow to go away. I did make two more beanies. Tried one out of wool, Mr. V found it too itchy, so the boy has it now and likes it. Made Mr. V one out of cotton and he is much happier with that one.

I also finished up R.A.'s jeans for her on Saturday. Mr. V had to work and all I wanted to do was sit. R.A. liked how the repair looked on her jeans. We decided I should do the blanket stitching larger than normal since it was on her knee and that gets a lot of stress put on it.

R.L. is going to the boyfriends house for an early Thanksgiving. The weather is going to be a little on the maybe snowy side up there, so she is going to go spend the next couple of days up there (playing video games, computer games, and watching movies). Made the chocolates look a little more Fall/Thanksgiving for her since she is at work today. Really like using the wool felt, so simple, but yet looks nice when you are done.

Will close with the holiday shot of the bananas . Didn't know there were Pilgrim Bananas and one was named Bobby Banana.

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wzgirl said...

Fun, little, thoughtful, pretty & cute things - the stuff that makes me smile. You too??