Tuesday, November 21, 2006

When Will It End Tuesday....

My, my, when will this flu bug thing end. Mr. V was right that it would come back last night. But, I still can't complain since this is the first bug I have had in about 14 years. It is after 4pm now and the sun is finally coming out. Maybe tomorrow we will see it for the whole day and not just for about 45 minutes. My brave neighbor still hung her sheets out during the day in the gloomy gray.

Decided I needed some Thanksgiving looking things. So, the boy and I made some cut outs with glitter glue. It was a very nice time. We were the only two in the house, so he chatted away. He covered many a subject matter all the way from some galaxy colliding with the earth at some point in the distant furture, shifting of maganic north (didn't know 13 year olds were that deep), Dr. Who, what scissors were better to use, and how he life is going in general. Then R.A. came home with her friend after walking up to the drug store, thirft store, and stopping to chat with a friend working at Baskin Robins. So, he went off to see what they had gotten. Thus ended the making time.

Will hang them up tomorrow after they have dried.

I got out the fabric needed to make the vest R.A. has been wanting. She just wants a plain black vest like the one the model is wearing. I really like the shape of this vest. Want to try to get it cut out tomorrow.

Since I have been feeling icky, and not much in the mood to sit with the sewing machine, I thought I might give a try with making this pot-holder out of the Happy Hooker crochet book. Yes, it will be a pink skull head, don't know why, just thought it would be fun. I am using Sugar and Cream cotton yarn.

The boy thought I needed a picture of the knight he made out of all the knight Lego parts. I think he should be called Zobie Knight. You know all bits of other knights. If you have kids give the Lego web-site a look. Lots of fun stuff to do.

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