Monday, December 04, 2006

Cleaning and More Cleaning Monday...

Gee, wasn't even 5 PM yet and the full moon was already coming up. Must almost be winter.

Today was spent cleaning in the girls room. We made a big dent in it and R.A. was very pleased. We did inform R.L. that we were doing this why she was gone. Her reply was she figured we would. I guess the best description to R.L.'s approach to cleaning is as Agatha Christie wrote in Murder at the Vicarage, the artists place was that artisy kind of mess. Tomorrow we will get back to orginizing her. We need to get some more shoe containers and one for text books first. I am labeling everything to see if this might keep her better orginzined.

R.L. did called me this morning to let me know they had already been riding rides at Disneyland and it was only after 9 AM. I am sure she is having a great time.

Last night I found this Christmas colored looking material in the house and decided to make some yo-yo's with it. Not sure what I am going to do with them. Will have to do some thinking on that.

Since my life of cleaning isn't all that fun, I did find a really cute post today at Disdressed. I really like the mittens and will be checking back for when she posts the how-to's.

Above is a picture of the figures from Kingdom Hearts 2 R.A. went looking for last weekend. I have noticed that the child has a way better camera than I. She always takes very nice pictures. She also has Photo Shop, where once again I don't. But, she uses it a lot and the Photo Shop comes in handy for her drawing.

Hope all have or had a great day. Time to go visit with Mr. V and hear about his day.

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sounds like a wonderful day.. take care:)