Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pirate Tuesday....

Today was the day Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest came out. Mr. V, the boy, and I have not seen it yet. The girls both had. Thought we might watch it tonight, but, see it is 2 1/2 hours long. Think we will keep that for the weekend.

This afternoon was spent once again cleaning in the girls room R.A. is going to take care of her stuff tomorrow for me. So, while I sorted through the papers left by R.L. she worked on a new drawing on her computer.

Above picture is still one of my favorites (yes, I have posted that picture before). Guess it is the toys in the background too that I just fine so darn cute.

Mr. V woke up really early this morning and decided to go to work early. Which meant I got an early start to the day. And being December stores all open early. Got, I think, the last two gifts needed so I can wrap and mail all the mail off stuff. Wow, might even get that done by Friday. I really want to get it done on time this year. Had a couple boxes go off for a longer trip than what I paid for and came after Christmas. Don't want that to happen again. Also, went and got a couple more containers for the girls room to store stuff in. I think I may have to go get one or two more tomorrow and we will be done.

Since I was up before the sun today. The heat hadn't turned on yet to warm the house up and this is what I saw in R.E.'s room. I take it my boy was cold. There seems to be no head or body to be found there. The quilt covering his head, was made for him a few years ago by his Aunt Sherri. He has really liked it and it has held up well to many, many, washings.

And as you can see above (in the darkness of morning) even the dog didn't care that I was up.

Our big girl in Disneyland just e-mailed us a picture of her and W. on the Buzz Lightyear ride. I really like this age of instant pictures via the internet. It looks like they let you e-mail right from the park. How fun.........

Since once again I didn't really do anything but clean today; I thought I would put in a couple of links to some really cute things. The first is to Crafting With Love. The new kitty she made is very cute. You need to do the Flickr slide show that shows all of them. Very fun......
The second is from Cuteable these scraves. I thouhgt they were so nice. Also, liked these plushes on Cuteable .

I will close with some that has nothing to do with home stuff. I have always liked the movie My Neighbor Totoro. Think we first bought it 11 years ago. If you have seen the original movie or the release of it then you will enjoy this site Bake Neko Bus Stop-The Real Kittenbus. Shows you there is always something a dad and daughter can do together no matter how old they are.

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oh! the dog looks so cozy:) thanks very much for the well wishes on my blog for my test.. I'll post when it's over. take care