Thursday, December 07, 2006

Missed Wed. Post on Thu......

Good morning.....

Poor Mr. V had a problem yesterday. Which is one of those bad things/good things. The good part is that maybe one of the specialists has found something. Bad part, messes him up. I drop everything so I can keep him company. He went into work this morning, but, I may have to go get him or at least just stay with him for awhile.

Figure this maybe the only chance I get to write anything today and had some pictures of my favorite tree here at the house. I will admit I am very pleased with myself because I have grown this tree for a little twig and now it full grown. It is a Japanese Maple and grew it for years in a pot so it could move with us. It ended up getting bigger than I thought, which turned out fine because it is just such a nice tree now and loves where it ended up being planted in the ground.

This morning I would like to get the little project of the day with the boy done. We are putting together a little weather station on the patio. It is just a rain gauge and thermometer. He has a small plastic one that he got from his Uncle for his birthday out there already. In a year or so we will look into getting something a little more complicated if he is still interested. Think we will have to come up with a chart for him to fill in. Maybe a graph for the rain. Have to think some on that one.

Oh, just thought of one other thing. After reading some blogs out there, it is apparent that there a lot of mom's that have a hard time to adjusting to staying home. I think, starting the first of the year I might either start posting links to articles on some housewives or stay at home mom's (whatever you like to call gals who stay home) have done. There are some pretty interesting ones from the past that I don't think people realize what they have done

If you want a fun crafting site to go to today then check out Craftster. I really liked all the photos they have on the main page today. I love this hedge hog. He has his own little mushroom house. Also, check out this quilting project by a high schooler.

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