Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Is Here....

It is the end of another week. Today is dark and cool, suppose to rain on and off all weekend. Poor Mr. V is still having problems. Went and picked him up from work. His work vehicle will be spending the weekend inside a building. Hopefully next week will be better for him.

The boy and I got his new rain gauge and thermometer set up. It is suppose to rain later and he can start tracking the rain fall. I think we will put together a bar graph for the season. More fun than a line graph, can use different colors to mark stuff off. Have all those markers to use.

This is the weather station his Uncle Scot got him for his birthday and he likes it very much. We are trying to figure out a way to put it outside his bedroom window so he can see it. Going to have to do some thinking on that one.

The other day R.A. and I got this material in the mail from Magic Cabin. We are going to try to make some dolls after the first of the year.

Also ordered the wool felt sample card. Like all the colors. Will have to think about what set to order sometime.

Since I really haven't been able to sit down and do anything all that creative still (have been knitting on that Dr. Who scarf, still a long way to go); I thought I would post a photo of one my favorite things Mr. V has gotten me. He brought home this humming bird years ago. Really like how it keeps aging. Have it right outside the back door.

While finding a pot for the new weather stuff, saw that the sunflower head for the backyard critters had fallen down. Set it back up and in no time Mr. Squirrel was here enjoying what he likes best. That is the last of the sunflower heads, but, have some containers of sunflower seeds from the other sunflowers we had grown. It amazes me how well the animals that use our backyard get along with each other.

Before getting Mr. V I got out the Christmas movies. I thought I would share one of my favorites that not of the norm. It is a very funny story and really enjoyable to watch. Even Mr. V enjoys watching Christmas in Connecticut. Think we will be watching old Christmas movies this rainy weekend.

Time to go get dinner started and keep Mr. V company while he is down. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him.

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Anonymous said...

I love "Christmas in Connecticut!" It's one of my favorite Christmas movies that I don't have yet! I love that house! Thanks for the reminder!