Friday, December 29, 2006

Frosty Friday....

The week is going by fast. Have been taking Mr. V to appointments and just spending time with him. Today he went into work for a few hours. So, have been out and about already with it being just after 8 AM. Think my thermostat on the old van is not working right. Seems to sit on cold almost the whole trip. Will have to see about getting it in for that.

Since I have been not doing much creatively this week thought I would post one of R.A. new drawing on her little site. She made this with her new software that she got for Christmas. It is only for black and white drawing. You get all kinds of textures and other fun stuff to use with you drawings. She has been very happy with it so far and has only one part that she is trying to figure out yet.

I did get some nice books for Christmas and will have to try scanning them in here over the next few days. Today's plan is to get laundry done (way far behind in that), do some grocery shopping, and pay a couple of bills. Then it should be time to go pick up Mr. V from work since he is still on vacation, kind of, he is leaving early today.

The next post should be much more interesting than these last two. The sun is out so I am hoping to get some pictures today too.

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