Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dark and Foggy Wednesday...

Well, lets try this posting thing again. Thought I was back to being able to post almost daily, but, guess I was wrong. I think all is back to normal and I will get to post like I would like to starting today.

First, Happy New Years!!!! I hope this will be a great year for all. It was a very quiet event around here. RA ended up having her friend TG stay over for the night. They worked on the above puzzle (was hard to get a nice picture of it when they were done). They almost finished it by mid-night; ended up completing it the next morning. RA had gotten the puzzle as a Christmas gift from our friends in Oahu and she really liked it.

One last Christmas picture to post. My neighbor made us this bear for Christmas. He is crocheted. She did admit she didn't think she would be doing any more with the dark brown fuzzy yarn, really hard to see.

My sister in law made us a new winter towel with a very nice snow flake on it. She is hoping to get her machine embroidery business up and running soon.

I did try making a place mat from this little booklet. It still needs to be shaped. It is made with cotton yarn and seems to have a mind of its own on the shape. I think I will change the pattern some before making another one.

Yesterday the kids and I de-Christmas the house. They are so helpful to have around.

This means a new table cloth for the table. It also always amazes me how much little cleaning things pop up to be done when you put things away.

And a new basket to store all those odd little balls of yarn.

RA has been doing a lot of drawing with her new software. Here she sits with sketch pad, Wacom board, and laptop. At least she stopped long enough to help us clean up yesterday.

Time to run out to the grocery store this morning. Need to get a few other things to clean up under the kitchen sink better. See instead of posting this yesterday evening, my kitchen faucet decided to spring a leak. All is dry now, so new lining on the bottom and maybe I might pick up some paint to redo the sides since it is all empty under there now. Let's all hope for a day of nothing breaking today. Until later, bye.....

***An added post to todays earlier post. Just got done visiting Ann Wood and you have to go check out her new ship. I just love these! ***

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