Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Daily Life and How Time Flies By....

Never made it to making a post yesterday. I will admit I gave into the TV rather than posting. We have gotten caught up in the series Heroes. It is nice though, watching something that everyone in the house follows. Makes it fun, to sit there and all commit on the going ons.

The weekend was spent cleaning up, a little. Got the raking on the lawn done out front. Knew the tree guy was coming on Monday to spray for us. We tried for years to get rid of the woolly aphids. Used every kind of know soap or organic spray with no luck. Talked with the local tree folks and was decided this was best. Have to treat the ground before the tree leafs. The stuff is taken up from the roots to the new leaves and the leaves become awful tasting to the little the guys. So, the bugs fly away and we have no major mess made by them (maybe small, but sure can make a big mess).

I did get a couple of little projects done.

The first was a black and white baby bib. Just need to add the button now.

I tried to make a crochet handbag that was shown in the Happy Hooker crochet book. I used an all cotton yarn. Am not sure yet at how the yarn pattern worked. I think I like it knitted rather than crocheted. RA said the yarn color reminds her of Neapolitan ice cream. I need to now find some material to line the bag with. I still think I will try to make one by knitting and see how it comes out. Actually the bag was fun to make.

Yesterday, after doing some testing, the boy tried to make something with the melting beads. The real name of the beads is Perler Beads. We are going to make them into a mobile. I need to look for some thread to hang them with.

Off now, because I need to get some stuff up on the line to dry. Mr. V's work car is off at the dealer today and they will have it until tomorrow. Understand it is leaking gas. Think it is a good thing it is with them. So, I am Mr. V's driver today and tomorrow. I have a feeling that not all that I wish to get done this week is going to happen.

(Just a short after thought here. You know it is very hard to just keep this blog at only light-hearted stuff. Very hard not to chat about politics, habits of people, and just plain stuff that bugs me. But, nope, this is going to be just a blog of things I like to do or that happen around the house.)

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East of Oregon said...

I've never seen Heroes - I've heard it's good.