Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Is Here!!!!!!!!!

Has been a fairly quiet day around here. The girls are off doing some errands together. Which I think is pretty nice being that one is 20 and the other 16; they still like doing things together. Makes a mom happy to see her kids enjoy each other even as they get older.

The dog is doing her duty and sleeping near the door waiting for them to come home. Such a devoted little girl.

Most of the dog pictures I have are of Kandy sleeping. She just doesn't like having her picture taken and will not look at you. But, thought I should post one of her awake so at least you know she does move around. Actually she is very playful and runs around all the time, which surprise me since she is 16 years old. Here she is trying to get someone to let her outside so she can hide her chew stick outside. Of course none of us fall for it and she just has to hid it in her bed. Such a ruff life she leads.

Thought I might close with some random links I have enjoyed:

If you enjoy the movie My Neighbor Totoro (as I do) then you will enjoy these pictures.

This is one of the best re-make of an old item of furniture. I think it came out very cute.

If you enjoy sewing and have some time to kill check out these free sewing patterns.

Here is a pretty interesting how to make cloth dolls site. Lots of information on dolls and toys.

If you want to read what two young ladies do while touring Europe for three months then you will enjoy this blog being kept by my daughters friend. Every little thing is exciting to them.

Speaking of the girls, they are now back. The dog is happy. I am sure she will be back to sleep soon, after making sure everything is safe outside. And by tonight she will be looking like this:

Have an enjoyable weekend....

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