Friday, February 09, 2007

The Rain Has Finally Come Back!!!!!!!!!

It has been raining here all day long. We had gone a long time without any rain and it is nice to see it back. Suppose to rain all weekend long. Which is great, have been wanting a dark weekend so I can not feel guilty just doing stuff inside. This is a warm storm, so only snowing high up in the mountains. But, Spring is thinking about showing up in our front yard as you can see above.

Last week I did try the freezer paper stenciling. This is a work sweatshirt that I have and it has many spots on the front. So, started to make a little woodland scene that I will be adding onto as time goes. The little critters will come next. I wanted to do a more detailed stencil, but, spots required heavy covering. I will have to try a T-shirt next and make a more detailed stencil for it. Just have to figure out what I want to do. Maybe I will try to come up with some pictures to try this weekend. It will be raining after all.

It has turned into another week of running around. But, while out I did come across this 100 Anniversary Valentine's Day Kisses box (with Kisses). Well, it is an anniversary box and it was pretty darn cute. So, I decided it really needed to come home with me. I like nice and fun illustrations.

Hope all have a great weekend. I'm not sure what we are going to do. I know one thing I will be doing this weekend is ordering a few things for RA for her birthday on the 23rd of this month. The baby girl will be 17 years old. Wow, that time sure went by fast. She has been working on her drawing a lot lately and have posted all of it. So, if you have a chance take a peek at what she has been up to.
Oh, one last picture. Found this one done by our eldest RL. It is of her and the boyfriend. Made me smile and laugh. I guess she can work on serious college stuff for only so long and needs to draw something fun. (Yes, folks she is going to school for gaming art. At least she didn't draw them as some sword fighting fantasy character that they use in games. I think right now she is working on doing some robots for some gaming stuff.)


OldRound said...

Like your stencils! Your daughters are very talented. I looked at deviantArt link. I love those websites. They are absolute greek to me with their own secret language.

Jhoanna said...

The stenciling came out really cute! And I agree, your daughters are SO talented! We're really lacking rain over here - wish we had more rain over here (and Hershey kisses too!)

East of Oregon said...

yay for the stencils!! :)