Monday, February 12, 2007

Lincoln's Birthday and Pancake Day....

It is Lincoln's Birthday today. And today is also Pancake Day. That meant learning about Lincoln this morning and pancakes for lunch. The two that were home, were very happy about a pancake lunch.

We did have rain this weekend. It rained all day Saturday and into the night. By the next morning the boy found that we had had 2.8 inches of rain. This was the wrong year for him to start keeping track of rain fall, since last month we had no rain. A few more storms like this and we will be right on track again for normal rain fall.

My Saturday was spent mostly sitting and waiting in the truck because Mr. V had to go into work to get some equipment off to Bakersfield. I went along if he needed any help moving stuff. But, he did not, all showed up that were suppose to. I will admit the main reason I went along was because I knew I would get a lunch out of the deal with just him and me. So, since I was not needed, I sat and knitted on the Dr. Who/Tom Baker scarf for the boy. I am now on row 504 and that means only 214 more rows to go.

The garden Gnome was happy to get a bath today and rest on the patio after all that rain. Poor little guy was all full of mud. I think he will live on the patio until the rainy season is over.

Since I was cleaning the patio and Mr. Gnome, decided I might as well clean the other outside stuff on the patio today. I noticed that the chairs have become stained over the past couple of years. I have a couple of old Adirondack plastic chairs on the front porch and I was thinking of trying the spray paint they have for plastic outdoor stuff. Figure I will give those two a try first because I really don't care what happens to them. I see on the Krylon paint web-site that paint is suppose to dry in 15 minutes. I am now becoming very interested. I could have nice new looking chairs without having to replace them, oh happy days!!!!!!!

The rain has now started up again. Will be nice to listen to during the night if it keeps going.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be some sewing done around this place. If so, I will post some pictures. I use to make about 70% of the outfits for the girls. The boy I pretty much just did some shirts and p.j. bottoms. Which remind me, I need to make him some new bottoms. His are getting pretty short. Until tomorrow, so long..........

Some rosemary in need of a trim.

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East of Oregon said...

My husband knew about pancake day - but I didn't recall about it-great post!