Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is It Thursday Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are having RA's birthday a day early since tomorrow I don't think I will be in the mood for a party. She didn't really get to go anywhere, but, she did get stuff she had really wanted. Except what was ordered from Amazon which will be here next month. Not all my fault, two items were imports and that is what's holding the thing up. The baby girl will be 17 years old tomorrow.

So when you are 17 you like a more interesting cake for your birthday; such as a Black Forest Cake.

I do admit it looked really nice with candles glowing.

Tonight's dinner will be pot stickers and rice since that is what the birthday girl wanted. We will take her out to dinner or lunch at a later date. All I left to do is cook up the pot stickers (or as some like to call them dumplings)

Last night I finished up one quilt/seat cover for me. The other two should be finished tonight.

I have to admit I am liking the color combos in these. I am going to tie the other two like the green one. I hadn't pressed the one above yet, so I know it will look a little better after that. I tried it out in the chair that they are going to be used for and it fit like it was suppose to. Love when something works like it is suppose to.

The pink one is almost done. I am going to tie each corner using all three colors. Why, because I couldn't make up my mind and decide why not all three. And I also see by these dark pictures that I will have to get a close up of the fabric since most of it looks like it is a soild when it is not. Each fabric is actually a print.

The red one I ran out of print fabric and all I had was some white on white print. Might make the white patch a little more intteresting sometime later. But, for now it will do just fine. Actually the three of these were really good for getting into the mood to make a full size quilt (like the boy asked for). I think I have a pretty good idea of what to do for him now.

Tomorrow is almost here and that is surgery day. They called today to change the time to a later time in the afternoon. Which is fine. I will try to stay up late tonight and then sleep in tomorrow since I can't eat or drink anything. Guess I can't procrastinate any more about filling out the paperwork for tomorrow. Suppose I should start that now, or I could just leave for tomorrow because I will have plenty of time to kill.

I did run out today to get some workbooks for the two that are still home so they won't get completely stupid while I am laid up and we will not be having school. I am sure they are just thrilled. Actually the books look like a lot of fun and I don't think they will really mind.

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