Monday, February 19, 2007

President Day Monday...

Today is President's Day. Use to be called Washington Birthday. Then it was called Washington and Lincoln's Birthday. Now we have become lazy folks and just call it President's Day. (Gee, looking at the above picture I see we might need to think about repainting the trim on this little house. Just another thing that needs to be done.....)

This week my blog will really be eclectic. Have a bunch of odds and ends to get done before Friday. I am having some minor surgery that day (which naturally is also RA's birthday). So I am trying to get all the house stuff done the next couple of days. Today was major laundry day. I am up to load number 9 now and still have a few more to go. Yep, washing everything in sight.

Today I started to make some small quilts to use has things to sit on for Friday and afterwards. They will not win any prizes for all the corners matching up perfectly, but, I do admit I like the colors in each one. Tomorrow I will get better pictures of the three of them. Tonight I plan on cutting out some backing for each one, which will be whatever I have around the house. Then I hopefully can baste them together. Want to do some binding on the edges and just tying them since they are for sitting on.

I have also been buying up some books for me because I have to sit around for at least a week. I will try to take a picture of them too tomorrow. Have a good mixture going. Also have some DVD's to watch. Which will be nice to do since Mr. V will be home. He actually has from this Wednesday until next week Tuesday off. It is going to be fun spending time with him. He still will be on-call, but, that is fine. We won't be going anywhere and they usually only call him when we are sleeping naturally.

The weather here has been great the last few days. Even some of the more interesting bugs are starting to wake up. Once the trees leaf out we will not be seeing this moth around any more. He will have plenty of places to hide.

Will close this evening with another daffodil picture. They are the only spring bulbs I have planted, so that's why I take nothing but pictures of them. If the weather is nice, maybe next month I will take the kids to Daffodil Hill when it is in bloom. Hopefully this fall I will get some other bulbs planted for next spring and will have something other than daffodils to take pictures of.

The boy is waiting patiently for me. Guess he wants to show me how to play Texas Hold'em. Should be interesting. Will be a short few games, because he needs to get his shower if he wants to watch Heroes with the rest of tonight. Until tomorrow, see ya.....


East of Oregon said...

It was a great President's Day.. it's good to remember.

I LOVE daffodils - your pictures are great.. happy day :)

OldRound said...

Where on god's green earth are daffodils blooming? The quilt colors are nice. Can't wait to see them. Good luck with your surgery!

Jhoanna said...

Love the colours you are using for your WIP quilts! Hope the operation goes well and you have speedy (and very relaxing!) recovery :-)