Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday New Books....

Yesterday I got three new books. Guess you could say I had a Jo Packham Valentine's Day, because all three books are by her.

The first one is just plain fun. It is called Kitschy Crafts and is by Jo Packham & Matt Shay.

The book covers crafts from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. There are a load of fun pictures in the book.
The book covers everything from needlework to general crafts. There is also a bunch of just fun information.

I will admit I love all the old illustrations that are used in this. I know my boy would love a house like the one above.

All the crafts that are shown come with nicely laid out instructions. Yes, even how to make your own resin grapes.

This book is just good old fun even if you don't make anything that is in it. How many remember the toilet roll poodle like above??????

The next lovely book is called Where Women Create.

The photos are so pretty and the studios/rooms are fantastic.

I was happy to see a section about Nancy Wiley. I was also happy to see a photo of her Fairy Godmother doll. Her dolls always have so many hidden treasures. And she has books too.

The last book is called Organizing Your Craft Space, which is what I would call a companion book to the Where Women Create book.

Some photos are repeated from the first book in this book. But, there are also many more new photo's. This book is a how to book on organizing your craft space even if you don't have a large area like the ones shown. This book shows many small spaces and corners. I do like the photo above of the magazine area.
I really liked the shed and how it was set up.

The inside is so bright and well organized. I could spend hours in a place like this.

Well, that was my Valentine's Day. I am very happy with the books and look forward to reading them and just looking at the pictures.

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PamKittyMorning said...

Oh I have the last two of those books, I need to get them out again for a closer look!