Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Little Note for Wednesday....

Hope everyone is doing well, I know I am doing much better. As always my doctor was great and the surgery center folks were wonderful. Today Mr. V went back to work, so it was just the kids and I today. He is back to work today and has a lot to get caught up on. Was nice having him home.

Speaking of Mr. V, he got me a new book (which was really nice of him). He figured it was like a picture book for grown ups.

It is called Crafts for the Yard. Actually is like four books put into one. And yes, there are lots of pretty pictures. The other nice thing is how well the instructions are done. Many photos in the how to parts of each section so you can both see and read what to do. He bought it for me at Costco and it looks like it is one of those books made just for them to sell in store. I did find the publisher and looks like it is a combo of these books: metal work, garden crafts, painting book, and this bird house book.

The metal work section seems to have many items that I think I am able to do like the garden stake above.

Each section has a great supply information page at the end; so it will be easy to find any of the materials needed.

The second section it on painting. Naturally the book makes it all look oh so easy. I think it will take some practice.

Not only does it show painting how to, but, shows you how to cut the bottom off a small pot to turn it into a napkin ring. Which I thought was a great idea since I have a few of these tiny pots already.

I will admit that I had no idea one could paint on a metal trash can with good old acrylic paint (after cleaning it with rubbing alcohol). Then all you do is varnish it.

The third section is general crafts. I found it to have some ideas that might be nice of Spring or Easter.

I really like the use of these peat pots.

The final section is on birdhouses. The houses are all made from logs that are cut with a band saw to howl them out. Looks like a bit of work, but, they sure are cute. Maybe I will have to see if Mr. V is up to cutting some logs up for me sometime in the future.

I did like this little gnome house. I am sure our garden gnome would like it near him too.

This book did keep me entertained for a long time just looking at pictures and then going back to see how to do what I liked. Thank you hubby for the lovely book and all the work you did the last few days. And thanks for understanding now where my day goes. It is amazing how much time just cooking and cleaning for people can take each day. Then add in schoolwork and all the other things that come up. There just seems to be too few hours in most days.

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