Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Amazing How A Day Can Just Go By....

Today was a day of spending time with Rebecca and Ricky again. They both had an orthodontist appointment this morning. Told the orthodontist, Dr. Anderson, that I realized on the way up there that we had been seeing her for 11 years now. Which means I have seen her almost every month for 11 years. My kids are just spread out far enough that I end up with a continuous line of visits. Rebecca has had a retainer now for a year and all is looking well for her. She does need to get some x-rays done to see if her wisdom teeth need to come out. I am sure they are impacted and will need to be removed. Ricky is still in braces and I think he has a couple more years to go. He got to get rid of his headgear about 6 months ago. All 3 kids have had jaw or bite problems that needed to be fixed. Renee's teeth came out really pretty and Rebecca's are looking the same. I figure I have at least 4 more years of visits to do.

After we were done at the orthodontist they wanted to know it they could stop at game store. Rebecca had a gift card from her birthday to use and there was a game she wanted for her DS. I took this picture of them as they left me behind ( I had to put a bag in the van and sent them on ahead).

It turned out to be a nicer day than I had thought. Just cloudy and no rain. You can tell it is Spring time around here. Trees are blooming, the cattle are down in the low pasture. They are always so fun to figure out where they will be each time we drive by. We haven't seen the bull in a long time. He is just giant. Also so many turkey vultures circling. They are not a very pretty bird, but, still interesting to watch fly. I will have to try to get some pictures of them sometime. I was driving and just didn't think it was a good idea to try to take pictures while moving.

The Japanese maple is thinking about showing some leaves here pretty soon. Will be nice to have something pretty in the back again.

Tomorrow should be a day spent at home. Have plenty of little jobs that need to be done. One is to fix that patio screen door. It keeps dragging when it hits a spot on the track. So, will take that off first thing and see if the wheels need to be adjusted. Then it will laundry and cleaning up plants around the house. Off now to do dishes and then watch American Idol with Rebecca. She does seem to enjoy that show.

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