Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Day Spent With Two Favorites.....

I had many plans of cleaning and yard work for this house. Then I realized that Rebecca and Ricky had not been anywhere in over 2 weeks. Figured they needed to get out and about. Rebecca had wanted to go look for a foreign DVD she had been searching for. Was a good day because we did find it at SunCoast. The movie is called Train Man Densha Otoko. I then took the two of them out to lunch.

Made a stop at Target for odd items needed around the house. While there I also got some un-needed items. Like these egg candles that I thought would look nice in the egg cups.

They also had this Peter Rabbit bucket in the $1 bins.

After lunch we stopped in at the Boarders Express store because Rebecca wanted to look at the Manga books. While there saw this book in budget section and it was just full of wonderful colored photos. Think it will be very helpful with schoolwork.

Not a lot may have been done around here, but, it was nice just spending idle time with two of my favorite people.

Over the weekend, when I did do some cleaning, I came across some marks that show that I need to have some coasters around the house. I decided to crochet some out of cotton and was pretty happy with how they came out. For one thing they actually came out round like they were suppose to.

I will close with what I saw going to bed on Saturday. There in the hallway was the dog sleeping away. I realize, after seeing this picture, I really really need to give her a haircut soon.


East of Oregon said...

Your dog looks tres comfortable :)

I'm feeling a bit better - thanks for asking.. I've either got mono or strep throat.. supposed to go back to the doctor next week. I'm really fighting fatigue.

Take care!

Lindsey said...

oh my gosh the closer of the dog is such a great picture! you know there are some good dreams going on there.