Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Post of Magazine Pictures.....

Yesterday I missed doing a post. Time just got away from me. Will see if I can do two today.

The day started with a phone call from my neighbor. She was having chest pains and was pretty sure that she wasn't having a heart attack. But, once you call a doctor and tell them about the chest pains they have to tell you to go to the emergency room. Drove her over to her hospital, dropped her off and then went to park. They had an area waiting for her because she had already talked with the ER doctor. She does have high blood pressure and it was a new record for her for being high (glad, after numerous phone calls, she agreed that I should take her) I stayed with her until I it was almost time to go to my doctor appointment. Left a little early so I could call her husband at his work to make sure he was going to be able to bring her home. Since he was going to able to I left. She came home that afternoon (after taking stuff to bring her blood pressure down) and it was found that she has a virus around her heart. Which means you get to tough it out while it runs its course. Will check on her this morning.

Since I had a few minutes before my appointment I stopped at Joann's and picked up a few magazines to look at while I waited.

I really liked this first one by Better Homes and Gardens called Quilts and More. There are so many nice little projects in this one.

I really like the little apron section. They are very simple and yet with just changing the band or ruffle you come out with some pretty cute little aprons.

I liked that they put the instructions for both this quilt and the rug together. There isn't a very good close up picture of the rug, so guess this shot will have to do. I think I would like to try my hand at making the rug sometime.

Ricky would still like me to make him a quilt. I have been having such a hard time figuring out what to do for him. He wants tans and blues. I wonder if the above quilt would work in different shades of those colors??? I like it in the colors that it is in now, but, don't think a 13 year old boy is going to go for that.

The second magazine is Fabric Trends by The Quilter Magazine. Was wondering what new fabrics are out there these days. And there were some articles about folks that design the fabrics. Also, I never too sure what you do with those bright fabrics and they had some ideas of how to work them.
I liked this quilt. But, once again will it work in just tans and blues with no floral prints.

Then there are these circles. And after reading Anna Maria Horner's blog how-to on making circles I don't think it would be that hard.

After seeing this magazine on Helene's blog, I had been looking for it. Finally found it at Joann's yesterday. And may I say I was not disappointed.

All the photos of Alicia's home and studio were just lovely (and she has a new, very cute, banner on her blog). And was happy that they included a picture of Audrey the Corgi. I always like white kitchens, don't know why, just do.

We had tried a dark color in the bathroom once, but weren't sure we liked it. But hers seems to work. We are in need of redoing bathrooms soon, so I am interested in any ideas. We just aren't sure what to do.

There are many more fantastic places shown in this issue that I might have to look for it again when the next issue comes out. I love this little greenhouse built out of antique windowpanes at this California beach cottage. Oh so pretty.....

Think that is enough pictures, could go on and on.

Hopefully I will be home more today and have something to post later. Take care.......


Biscuitbear said...

That quilts and more magazine looks interesting, I also like the aprons. I've never made any human clothing but maybe I could manage an apron for my daughter!

OldRound said...

Love the egg candles. Lucky you to have those gorgeous cups to hold them in! It definitely is Spring where you are!

Jhoanna said...

Wow - so much inspiration! Thanks for sharing :-)