Friday, March 02, 2007

What a Beautiful Friday.....

We are having that perfect weather which shows up this time of year. A light breeze, plenty of sunshine and a great temp. I really love weather like this.

Was so nice that it was time to use the solar dryer (yes, it is just a clothes line, but, doesn't it sound more important calling it a solar dryer). Just need to show Ricky how to hang his pants up on the line next time since all the clothes were his.

Ricky also made something for the birds out front. He cut up a milk carton. Then filled it up with yarn and thread pieces I had been keeping for him. He is hoping that the birds will use them for their nests. We still have a nest in the top of the tree leftover from last year. There also were 6 robins eating berries out of the bushes near this tree the other day. We are hoping they will again stay around the house.

After Ricky was done hanging his bird nest helper (guess that is what we will call it), I noticed that the climbing rose was leafing out. I think next week I had better go get it some food when I am out. The rose is actually a self planted bush from part of a bush that had died years ago. It doesn't bloom long, which is disappointing, but is very pretty when it does.

If this weather holds up I think I will have to clean up our little fountain we made a couple of years ago. Looked at some nice small ones, but they were so expensive. We found this fiber glass urn and decided we would make our own. I went out, bought a pump and bag of decorative rocks. Mr. V drilled a hole in the back for the pump cord. Then I place a few bricks in the bottom to put the pump at the right level. Mr. V cut out a circle with a hole in the center from some heavy metal screening. We then covered it with the rocks and filled with water. Plugged it in and we had our little water fountain next to the door. It has been very easy to keep clean and I have enjoyed it very much.

Time to get dinner going. I will close with, yes, another picture of daffodils. There is frost in the mornings so the flowers are looking real good still. You will have to humor while I still post pictures of the happy yellow flowers.

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