Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How Fast Can I Make This Post......

For some reason all our browsers are acting up. Have sent off messages to the tech dudes but yet no answer. Everything keeps popping up with errors and then shutting it all down. I am not happy about this, because it is not just my computer, is happening on others.

Anyway, spent all day Sunday at the SACCON. wanted to enter the art contest and they ended up judging it really really late. She got an honorable mention and gift Hadn't really planned on that, but, Rebeccacertificate to spend at one of the vendors. She was also happy to be able to buy some Japanese music CD's and new photo of her favorite Gackt. Rebecca also was able to spend some time with girls she chats with on the computer. Ricky came with us and he had fun talking with vendors. He bought some cards and game. There weren't as many interesting vendors this time because there was a really big convention last weekend near San Francisco.

This event was held at the Scottish Rite Temple. I like that it is a small place and always fun to look at the display stuff about the temple. There is always some interesting display of George Washington since he was a mason.

The 501st Garrisonwas making an appearance. They are such nice people and do all of this as a non-profit. All outfits are made by them, nothing is bought pre-made (all right except the shoes). It is amazing all the work that goes into this. The storm trooper above cast all his own plastic and they cast the weapons. He was also very pleasant to talk with, we learned a lot. Rebecca said she didn't know that Storm Troopers were so nice, just didn't seem that way in the movie.

Many do this with their wives. I finally found a chair that was next to there changing area and knitted while we waited. Was fun listening to the ones dressed up talk about regular family life. Just was a little surreal since they were dressed as Star War characters talking about normal life stuff. The guy above was also very nice and according to him the make-up isn't bad to wear. The contacts are harder to wear for eight hours. Ricky enjoyed all the different Star Wars folks walking around. He is at that age where Science Fiction is the best thing in the world.

We are trying to be really good this week about doing schoolwork and get back to doing it daily now that I am back to normal. I have one science experiment to do with Ricky this afternoon. Found all the test tubs needed so I am ready to go. Rebecca has informed that she is now done with all of her work for the day. She is now working on some crafting things because she found out she could have a table next time to sell some artwork at one of the conventions. She is just thrilled, I am too, because then for sure I will have somewhere to sit.

Yesterday was spent giving the dog a much needed hair-cut. She has been acting like a puppy ever since. I need to do some more work on it today. It is getting so hard to give a good one now that she is so old. Her skin just moves so much and she is more sensitive to the clippers. I don't know if I ever mentioned that she is a mixed dog. Kandy is a Pekingese/Chihuahua mix. She has a Pekingese body and fur, but, ended up with a nice nose along with long legs from the other half of her mix. Since she likes to run around side so much, the long fur just doesn't work for her.

Guess I will close for now since nothing has shut down yet on me. Don't want to push my luck. I also hear the that the washer is done and I should go hang stuff out on the line. Also need to get some muffins made since I promised Mr. V yesterday. Off I go..............

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