Monday, July 30, 2007

Application Filling Out...

Yep, I am sure out of the loop on filling out job applications. I had no idea of how long they take now that you fill them out on a computer. I think I have hit all the places that I can. Guess I sit here and wait to see what happens.

While I was out running around I did pick up this pattern. I have wanted an apron that would only use a yard of material. Usually it is just the little tie around half type. Saw this and was happy to see that the apron the gal is wearing only takes a yard. I will have to pull out those 1 yard fabric pieces and give this a try. Mr. V thought I should piece together all my odd size pieces and make this aprons out of them.
Guess this is all for this post. Might skip tomorrow because I need to get some batteries for my camera so I can down load pictures to post. Kids don't use batteries like they use to so had no idea we were out the kind I use (need to get some rechargeable ones for this camera).

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