Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday And I Made Post Number 5!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it! I made 5 posts this week....

Oh course, I don't know if I can really count this post. I couldn't think of anything all that exciting to write about. Since I wasn't getting all that inspired I thought I would brow this picture from my child's site. Think it pretty much sums up the day.....Now I did get one thing done and that was filling out an on-line job application. Felt like I was selling my soul, so many questions and the thing took over an hour to fill in. Once again so many questions. Was an interesting experience and sure hope the next few don't take as long as that one. I am just looking for something simple to get back into the world of work. Maybe that is why I couldn't think of anything creative to post after filling out all those questions (weren't just where you worked before questions, but, if this happens on the job which on of these 4 things would you most likely do and which one would you lease likely do.....lots of thinking).......Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lindsey said...

way to go on the week of posts!