Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, Errands And Planning....

Yesterday was a late night, which made for a long day. That means today it will be going out to pay bills and get the grocery items we are in need of.

The big deal today will be planning out school. This is a years worth of items for the boy. He really doesn't have many hard cover books this year. How this works is his subjects are divided up into 10 units. Each of these smaller books has the reading text, workbook questions and test. I switched to this type of program a few years ago. Rebecca and Ricky really like it better because you see an end to your subject, unlike most textbooks that you use the whole year. The only thing left I have to do for him is get some science equipment that I don't have. All the white books are the answer keys for each subject and the big red book is the math answer key. There are also some teacher guides on that table too.

Now Rebecca does not have many unit books this year. She gets to go back to mostly textbooks because it is just too hard to that amount of information into the small books. The only math she is doing this year is geometry. I think she will enjoy the keyboarding course I got her.

We are still missing the workbook that goes with her Keeping Financial Records. This looks to be a pretty deep course and she will know more about accounting than I think she ever wanted to know. I told her that if she wants to sell stuff on her own at some point that she will be glad she has done this.

There, now you see what all my day will be. Lots of counting pages, reading, coming up with a daily work list for each, and so on. I should be able to work on something fun tonight and hopefully will have pictures to post tomorrow.

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